What tool do you use to orchestrate your CI/CD?

While helping a Product Owner set up for success recently, their Corporate IT asked us why did we choose CodePipeline over Jenkins Pipeline as the CI/CD orchestration tool because all of their other, slightly older, business units use Jenkins Pipelines. Well, here is why…

Why do I prefer CodePipeline?

  • CodePipeline is an AWS managed service, meaning, it does not require management nor maintenance-overhead once it has been set up. Jenkins server on the other hand requires ongoing management of Jenkins itself, its plugins, integrations and the hosting OS (e.g. Linux or Windows).
  • CodePipeline is Highly Available and reliable with 99.9%…

Monolithic vs Micro Architecture

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” - while legacy architecture designs have helped us serve award winning apps for our clients back in the day, change was slow and deployments and maintenance tasks were always a headache requiring too much planning, effort and overhead. So, how did we improve on this?

At Concentrix Tigerspike, our inquisitive nature brings insight and innovation. And migrating our hosting services over from the local datacentre to AWS back in 2013-2014 made it even easier and better to innovate and keep up with the latest best practices. …

The Well Architected Framework, put together by AWS, is a model to help architects and engineers design and build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure, on any platform.

At Tigerspike, we pride ourselves on having the right people, resources and experience to design and build cutting edge technology for, and with, our customers, globally. The consultancy work that we do keeps us up to date with the latest operating, security, and architecture principles and best practices. However, without a framework, these principles and practices are always open for interpretation which makes room for flaws.

Since then, we’ve become an AWS…

Build and maintain secure images

Back in March, I wrote a post on how to build Golden Images using Packer on AWS CodeBuild. Today, let me show you how to do even better builds with AWS EC2 Image Builder!

We’ve been using Packer at Tigerspike for quite a while now to build servers (if we’re not deploying serverless applications!) so we’re comfortable with it. It works great and does the job perfectly. But I couldn’t stop there, I had to try the recently introduced EC2 Image Builder. …

Circular dependency!

Does your CloudFormation Stack Update require a Clean Up of existing resources first to be able to create new ones, but the Clean Up cannot happen before the creation of the new resources is complete? Circular dependency? Catch-22? Here’s how to solve it.

We have a CloudFormation template which has an Auto Scaling Group that launches an EC2 instance from a Launch Template. The Launch Template, besides defining essential properties, attaches a specific Elastic Network Interface to the launched instance. We do this because this specific ENI is referenced somewhere else so we want to keep it even if the…

I cannot emphasise enough how useful AWS CodeBuild is, but I thought I would list “some” of its powerful and smart uses we have adopted in our pipelines; because at Tigerspike, our inquisitive nature brings insight and innovation.

Back in the day, and I’m talking a few years ago, like many companies, our CI was limited to Jenkins and a few build agents on EC2 instances. This was so limiting that, after a short time, maintaining the build agents with updates and different tools became a time consuming task so our development teams started creating their own AMIs and build…

Ever wondered how to guarantee consistency between multiple environments and servers? Here is how.

At Tigerspike, we thrive on innovation.

One of the tricks our teams have started using a couple of years ago now is what is commonly known as the Golden Image.

What is a Golden Image?

The concept is simple. Launch a server, patch and configure it, deploy your application on it, then take a snapshot or image of it. Once tested and approved, this image becomes the Golden Image which you can use to launch servers, one or hundreds of them if you want, in multiple environments, and they’ll always…

Do you want to automate creating secrets to fully secure them away from humans? Or do you have a requirement to rotate database passwords regularly and wonder if you can automate it? It’s all possible with Secrets Manager. Let me take you through it step by step.

As mentioned in my previous article, Security is a top priority at Tigerspike alongside Improving People’s Lives Through Technology.

One of the cool tricks our DevOps team is using to secure and simplify management of our databases credentials on AWS is using AWS Secrets Manager to auto-create and auto-rotate credentials.

Let’s see how…

Access management, secure storage, key rotation and managed encryption are as easy as ticking boxes since we migrated our hosting and workloads to AWS!

At Tigerspike, Security is a top priority alongside Improving People’s Lives Through Technology. And when we say “People”, we mean people who are benefiting from the digital solutions we bring as well as our people who put these solutions together.

One of the security best practices we enforce is using AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store to store any sensitive app configurations. We can then either use AWS SDK to retrieve these secure strings, pass them directly…

I found this post in my old notes.. that I was planning to publish… 3 years ago! Still relevant though, so here it is slightly edited if anyone is looking for tips in this topic:

At Tigerspike, We Solve Problems in Remarkable Ways.

One of our goals, as a global digital products company, is to bring the best user experience and that includes bringing the best experience to our engineers.

So, for one of our builds a few years ago, the client wanted to host and manage a set of Windows servers, running a .Net API, on AWS OpsWorks.


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